acts 29 - fight club part 2

for your enjoyment.

i changed the session and song slides; they are now a little more polished and enjoyable, in my personal opinion. The first three are the same as before.

for speakers that have no points to put up on the screen:

for speakers that do have points, they'll be on the left and right sides:

for the songs, lyrics will be again on the left and right sides:

I think i'm happy. Now to put together a graphic for next year's fight club, which will go on the website.

as seen on facebook.

i was going through the front page of my newsfeed today, just to see what was going on in the world while i was out running my 5k, and i saw this...and i quote:

A good friend said the other day... If you have to loose your christianity over someone or something its not worth it. You know what...? She's so right!!

and it just totally struck me sour. shouldn't we be careful to evaluate our decisions on following Christ? [that is--shouldn't we make the effort rephrase this statement as, "If you have to lose Christ over someone or something, it's not worth it."?]

i may be mincing words, but this deserves mincing: what good is keeping your christianity if you have lost the Christ? what image does that portray? hanging so tightly to the rules and self-righteousness, telling Jesus that you'd rather stick with a new law rather than moderation and liberty (thank derek webb for that one), or that you're happy living your boring 9 to 5 and to not worry, you'll give him 10% of your net and an hour-and-a-half every week. and somewhere in there, it's so easy to lose the Christ.

like in luke 2:41, we see mary and joseph, after travelling for a day, realizing they have lost the Messiah.

holy cow.

you lost the messiah.

there is a pretty hefty fine on losing a library book; how about losing a whole person, who just so happens to have been born quite miraculously and is on loan from God, and who is supposed to save all the world from death?

yea. problems.

so they rush back, find him in the temple and they chew him out for giving them a heart attack; and further proving God isn't really interested in CYAing, Jesus says, "don't you know i would be about my Father's business?"

not saying m&j were bad parents, or that they were evil and had bad intentions, but Jesus got lost in the shuffle, and he was just about His Father's business.

and i am scared that Christ's beautiful church has a tendency to lose Christ in the shuffle of life; we should be willing to lose our christianity if it means we find our precious Christ.


acts 29 - fight club

men's conference
journey church
august 1st
acts 29 network

for a three-screen projection system.

hope you like them.


owl city

if you have been anywhere near me or my sisters (lali, jannelle, jillana, or julie), you have heard us GUSH over this new band we've been listening to recently: owl city! no, it's not a place, and i've really yet to find the history behind the name, but it is a pretty awesome group.

the song that i like the best so far is "Hot Air Balloon". it's a great mix of fun, pep, and nonsense. lali and i often refer to this song as, "the happy song" and "one you can't help but bop your head back and forth to". seriously. it's good, uplifting stuff.

he has a new cd coming out soon, and you should definitely check it out on iTunes...and not to mention he's going to be in atlanta come september!

you can also visit his website or myspace page for a little sample of his music. i think for a while he was giving away a song every month, so his cool points just went up in my book! his next free single will be on iTunes july 14th! :)

so, moral of the story:

1.)check out owl city at a website of your choosing: the band site, twitter, myspace, facebook, whatever...
2.)if nothing else, go listen to hot air balloon right now. you may, or may not, wish to bounce your head back and forth. i will leave this decision up to your discretion.
3.)download the freebie next tuesday!
4.)consider coming with me and my sisters to see owl city when he gets to the ATL!

:) much love, blogosphere.


Public Service Announcement

it's been approximately seven million years since you updated your blog (we carbon dated the last entry and seven million is the best estimate we could come up with although based on your vocabulary and font it might have been updated during the last twenty years... there isn't a consensus on it.. I'll get back to you when we have exact numbers)

That's from my friend, Jordann, via facebook. If you are repeating the same sentiments, my apologies, I forgot people read this and that looking at the same page is often frustrating and irritating. Not like this is your much-needed word for the day or anything! ;)

I am working on a response to the previous post on prayer. I feel like I have a sort of answer, and am trying to put it into words.

Tomorrow is my 22nd birthday.
Well, tomorrow as in...in an hour.
The Joneses will be here.
We aren't doing anything big,
which I'm okay with and not okay with at the same time.
I know it's partly my fault because I don't demand things from people.
I don't ask for parties or recognition.
I don't like asking for people to make a fuss about me,
but it's nice every once in a while.
To have just everything crazy,
not having to do anything,
cake, balloons, surprises.
I love surprises.
I love being surprised.
I like pretending I demand attention, too.
Well, I guess I do demand attention.

But I'm dumb, I suppose.
I could have asked for a cake.
I could have asked to go out to a nice restaraunt.
I could have dropped hints about some of the things I want.
I could have a party or whatever.



And so much to learn.

Prayer part deuce coming soon.