Be a Good NeighBEAR

Sometimes the design process amazes me. It's like, insanity. And it's rarely planned. It's felt. Odd. Anyway...

Here's a little taste of what I went through today. I'm actually leaving out a lot. But...

I sketched like mad:

I then picked out some concepts that I enjoyed (the bear couple, for example):

I made a naked bear baby:

Gave him some adorable overalls:

I made the Adam an Eve:

And then, colored them all in...

I think I like them. ;)



the botany of desire

watched part of a documentary with lali and mom last night.

it's called "the botany of desire" and it's about the migration of apples, tulips, marijuana, and potatoes from their humble origins to agricultural industry giants.

addressing their fulfilling of the human desires for sweetness, beauty, intoxication, and control (respectively, re: the list above), the botany of desire talks about each plant and how humans crave them.

in regards to my own struggles, however, i was struck by a line: "sex creates diversity"

sex creates diversity.

it's not just about pleasure, it's about creating life. in the way the Creator creates life, honoring Him is about making opportunities to create life and create diversity.

when we claim that our innate desires are God's
that He put them there
and we don't deny them--
decrying them as false and unable to give life--
we are erring.

i am errant.

i had two bad dreams last night:

1.) I was in a haunted house and the comfort that God was with me was not a prominent feeling like it normally is. I even woke up and was scared to get out of my bed.

2.) I was in the middle of an affair.

cryptics, code, and folly.

my heart hurts.